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Who would you put in the Bluebird Banter Blue Jays Hall of Fame?

Give us your vote for the first member.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my life on hold for the last two days, waiting for the Blue Jays to announce a deal with Jose Bautista (get it done).

Anyway, I’ve had this thought in my head that we should have a Blue Jays ‘Hall of Fame’ for awhile now and I haven’t done anything with it. So, since we are in holding pattern, I thought we should get on it.

What I’ll do is put up a poll of ‘candidates’, as well as a ‘none of the above’. winner gets into our very own Blue Jays Hall of Fame. We’ll try to put up a yearly poll, but this year, why don’t we have three polls to give us a start to the ‘Hall’.

I’ll list builders, managers and players all in one spot, and leave it for the ‘voters’ to decide.

I’ll leave it to you to come up with criteria.

And I’ll try to use the ‘retired for five years’ rule, but with managers and front office people, it’s a tougher thing, because they tend to leave and come back. I’ll admit that it makes me sad that Roy Halladay doesn’t get to be on the first ballot.

The dividing line for ‘who gets on the ballot’ is going to be fairly arbitrary.

I'm not going to campaign for any of them, but you can use the comment thread to make the case for whoever you like.

Let's have our first poll.