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Wednesday Bantering: Mind Games, Retired Numbers

Your morning update for everything Blue Jays.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Seattle Mariners
Edgar Martinez’s number will be retired by the Mariners in 2017. Should the Blue Jays retire any numbers?
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Yes, we have news!

  • The Blue Jays signed backup catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia yesterday, as first confirmed by Ken Rosenthal. This leaves a left-handed reliever and a left fielder as the only remaining needs for Toronto, a team that has taken shape over the past week.
  • Sam Miller of ESPN wrote on the art, or “mind games,” of mutual options yesterday, explaining much of the intricacies of the mutual option in Jose Bautista’s deal with the Blue Jays. Miller poses the reasons why teams and agents negotiate mutual options, despite the unlikelihood of them being picked up by both parties.
  • Ben Nicholson-Smith tweeted yesterday that the Blue Jays will not be holding their annual State of the Franchise press conference this February, citing concerns over inflated interest. One may reason that it makes more logical sense to host the event when people are actually interested in it, but, you know... Regularly known as The Leadoff, the conference allows fans and writers to ask the Toronto front office about the team and season ahead.
  • The Mariners announced they will be retiring Edgar Martinez’s number 11 during 2017, a mark honouring one of the game’s best designated hitters. This brings to mind a question - should Toronto retire any numbers? Obviously, they join the rest of baseball in setting aside Jackie Robinson’s 42, while they uniquely retired Roberto Alomar’s number 12. What current or former iconic Blue Jays could have their numbers retired in the future? In my opinion, the most likely current Blue Jay to have their number retired is Jose Bautista.
  • Dave Church at Baseball Prospectus wrote on the frustrating nature of Toronto’s offseason so far, essentially summarizing what has been a very cold hot stove. Church sometimes justifies the Blue Jays’ decisions, while, in other cases, rips them apart. In summary, it is an open letter of hate from an understanding fan.