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Aaron Sanchez on the cover of The Show

Plus 6 game packs, interest in Breslow and cancelling the State of the Franchise

There really isn’t much for Blue Jays news today. But there is this: Aaron Sanchez will be on the cover of The Show here in Canada.

The Jays are offering ‘6 game ticket packs’. They go on sale tomorrow at 10 am. They have 6 packages:

New 6-Game Packs

1. Weekend Pack

2. Giveaway Day Pack

3. Friday Nights Pack

4. Summer Nights Pack

5. Division Rivals

6. Value Pack*

They are also offering 12 and 20 game packs.

The Blue Jays, in their finite wisdom, have decided not to do the ‘State of the Franchise’ this year, citing ‘increased demand’, which sounds like the old Yogi Berra line ‘no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded’.

Sometimes the Jays front office seems absolutely tune deaf to how things sound to us fans. If there is a lot of interest, you would think that would be a great reason to do the event, but no, instead it is a reason to cancel.

I haven’t been it, (they have always invited us, and Minor Leaguer has gone, but they tend to invite when it is too late to consider flying out to Toronto) but it does look like a great time for hardcore fans.

It really does seem like a very cheap way to thank their season ticket holders. I’d love to hear the reasoning behind cancelling. It isn’t hard to get fans to come out to see a winning team, but it is possible that, sometime, they won’t be winner. It would be smart of the team to buy some good will before that happens.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that the Jays are interested in Craig Breslow. Breslow pitched just 15 innings, for the Marlins, last year. The Jays were one of several teams who watched him workout yesterday.

Course, the Jays have talked about every lefty free agent pitcher out there, if you are left-handed and can throw a ball 60 feet, they are considering you.