Correct Rankings of MLB Teams

This is my entry into the Fanpost Friday contest that Tom made up entirely by himself.

1. Blue Jays - The only correct answer

2. Pirates - Probably at least partly to do with sympathy from all of those struggling years, and partly to do with loving the look of the city as I drove through, I have a soft spot for the Pirates.

3. lolMets - For the longest time, they were my no.2 team, far and away above anyone else. Piazza probably got me started there, then Delgado ended up there, and Glavine, and now their starting rotation is incredibly sexy and I can't help but cheer for them still. They've fallen out of the second spot due to so much stupidity in the last few years though.

4. Rockies - Ever since the Blake Street Bombers showed up, they were an exciting team to watch. There was always the sympathy factor playing in due to never being able to find a pitcher that could pitch there, but they've always been an entertaining team to watch. Larry Walker probably helped draw my interest too.

5. Mariners - the Blue Jays' expansion partner, they had some exciting teams as I was growing up watching baseball, with some of the best players I've ever had the pleasure of watching. It's hard not to be a fan when you grow up watching Johnson, Griffey, A-Rod, Edgar, and then eventually Ichiro.

6. Cleveland - Another team that was amazing to watch in the late 90s. Amazing defense up the middle in Vizquel, Alomar and Lofton. Amazing hitting with those 3 joined by Manny, Thome and Justice. So much fun to watch. Now they have exciting guys like Lindor, Brantley and their amazing pitching staff. Even though they beat in the ALCS, I have a hard time not loving this team. And Major League is one of the best baseball movies ever.

7. Braves - Maddux and Glavine were gods to me growing up. This will always be my most favourite commercial.

8. Diamondbacks - their 2001 World Series win was the best non-Jays baseball moment of my life. They stopped the Yankees from getting a 4th in a row, and did it with a walkoff single over Derek freaking Jeter's head giving Mariano Rivera a blown save and loss. Whenever someone says "who would you rather have on the mound in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the World Series, up by 1 than Rivera?" it is because of the Diamondbacks that I can happily point to the only time Rivera actually was in this situation he took the loss.

9. Marlins - They defeated the Yankees in the World Series in 2003. That's enough of a reason to make the top 10. They also have a really interesting stat in that they've never lost a playoff series. That's impressive to me. They've also been fun to watch a lot of the years, even if they didn't go anywhere. Good players make for fun baseball. #JF16

10. Padres - Any team that faced the Yankees in the World Series when I was growing up had a fan in me. Tony Gwynn's smile was worth the price of admission.

11. Phillies - They had some exciting teams in the late 2000s. An infield nearly full of MVPs was impressive. They also gave Halladay his chance at the Postseason, so I'll always be thankful. But the Phillie I'm most thankful to is Mitch Williams.

12. Angels - Angels in the Outfield piqued my interest in the Angels. The Rally Monkey was an exciting time, and Mike Trout is an alright player that I enjoy to watch.

13. Rays - I was so excited for them when they finally became good. It gave me hope that the Jays could actually overcome the Red Sox and Yankees. Longoria's home run down the line was an amazing moment, and he's a fun player to watch. So is Chris Archer.

14. Twins - Kirby Puckett was a fun guy to watch play. He was short, chubby, and could run like the wind. Geographically they're the closest team to me, but I never could get on that bandwagon. Probably because Torii Hunter continually being praised as a better defender than Wells made me mad, even if it was right. And then came the Santana better than Halladay arguments, and I was done.

15. Astros - they're a fun, yet rather meh team to me, so I guess 15th is the right spot.

16. Brewers - I never really got to hate them much when they were in the AL, and they haven't done much in the NL for me to be interested. Anther middle of the pack team.

17. Cubs - the best thing about the Cubs ended this past year. They have an amazing team, and I'm sure they are going to become really annoying to continually hear about really quick.

18. Giants - probably on the rise, since the Cubs are going to take away their annoyingness. Bonds was so much fun to watch back in the day. He's the only player on another team that I've specifically sat down to watch a live at bat of.

19. Cardinals - I hate that they got the good Chris Carpenter. But I really love Yadier, and it's a fun team to watch, even if they do get crammed down your throat a lot.

20. Reds - A pretty insignificant team throughout my lifetime. I love Joey Votto, but I would rather he play somewhere else.

21. Athletics - A pretty boring team with an ugly stadium and white shoes. Hudson-Mulder-Zito were fun to watch, but frustrating to face. Giambi always took national praise away from Delgado though

22. White Sox - Frank Thomas was exciting to watch growing up, but I never really got into watching the White Sox. I even used to dislike Buehrle, and the time the Jays beat him without having a baserunner because of two solo shots and Halladay was one of my most favourite games to watch.

23. Tigers - They always had good teams when the Jays did, and I'm bitter against them for 1987, even though I was only a couple months old at the time.

24. Royals - they quickly went from lovable losers to loathable leaders, and I don't feel sorry for the hatred spewed on them. The loss of Ventura brings them up a few spots, as although I didn't like his attitude on the field and towards other teams, I really feel sorry for a team that loses a good young player, and he was a really good pitcher when things were going well.

25. Dodgers - The Yankees of the NL. Now that Vin Scully is gone, Kershaw is the only good thing left there. And I guess that Seager kid could be fun to watch.

26. Nationals - Fun team to watch, but as the corpse of the Expos, it's really hard to cheer for them.

27. Orioles - Machado is really making a case for the team to be below the Red Sox. They're a frustrating team that shouldn't be as good as they are, yet somehow they Showalter themselves into contention. I'm so happy that Showalter is getting blamed for the WC loss.

28. Red Sox - Surprised they're not last? They are really annoying, but they also have some redeeming qualities, and in the years of Red Sox/Yankees at the top, they were always the more laid back/fun type team.

29. Rangers - If it weren't for Adrian Beltre, this team would have no redeeming qualities. On top of the obvious Odor related problems, their inability to win a WS with a pretty solid team the last several seasons has gone from pity to hilarity.

30. Yankees - For the first 21 seasons of my baseball following life (1994-2014), there was one constant - the Yankees would finish in front of the Blue Jays in the standings. And it wasn't just that - they won 5 World Series titles in the process, and Yankee mania was sweeping everywhere, with anyone who heard of baseball immediately jumping on their bandwagon. Yankee everything was jammed down the throats of baseball lovers everywhere, even if they didn't want to hear about the Yankees. The entire Rangers organization could show up on my front porch and defecate on my flowers, and I still wouldn't hate them more than the Yankees.

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