My Favorite Teams Ranked 1-30

Fanpost! Done a fanpost or two, but this actually requires me to do a ton more writing than I'm used to!

  1. Jays- does this require a line or two? I'm from Toronto and live on this site. I check BBB and Google News 10-15 a day, at a minimum.
  2. Dodgers- my resolution this year is to watch more Dodgers games. Kershaw *drool*
  3. Giants- Posey. Posey. Posey. Did I mention Posey? And MadBum!
  4. Reds- a best friend of mine, who is totally not into baseball, had me start paying attention to them. It's depressing, but there's got to be a light at the end of the tunnel, right? Right?
  5. Mets- man, that pitching staff.
  6. Angels- would be waaaay down the list if not for Trout. But, Trout!!!
  7. Indians- Only because of Edwin and his parrot. And hoping that Shapkins can replicate the success they've had building that team, here! Kicked us out of the playoffs, but no team is perfect.
  8. Phillies- I live in NJ now, and they're pretty close to me, so hoping that I'll get to a bunch of their games this year. Not all that sad to see Saunders go, but seeing a familiar face will be nice.
  9. Cubs- watching the best team in baseball play ball means they should be higher on the list, but....
  10. Diamondbacks- they have some pretty sexy jerseys.
  11. A's- thanks for Donaldson, suckas! How'd Lawrie work out for ya?
  12. Nationals- consistently relatively competitive, what's not to love?
  13. Twins- they desperately need a little bit of love, so I'll show some.
  14. Padres- this says it all:
  15. Rays- don't look all that scary so why not.
  16. Pirates- Liriano, Martin, McGuire, etc. Thanks bucs!
  17. Rockies- I'm dying to go to Denver!! And, Tulo :-)
  18. Astros- Rasmus has one of the most beautiful swings I've ever seen- I'd tune in to games just to watch him. And that hair...
  19. Tigers- I don't know why, but I've always like Brad Ausmus. He seems like a very nice guy.
  20. Mariners- King Felix. It's fun to see the King's Court.
  21. Marlins- Stanton is fun to watch (if he could stay on the field for more than 3 weeks at a time). Cool ballpark too!
  22. Braves- Colon and Dickey I guess? More Colon- he's hilarious regardless of the results. Dickey seems to be a great guy, but I am so thrilled that he is no longer pitching for the Jays.
  23. White Sox- sigh.. I would hate to be a Sox fan. And because of you, Boston now has Sale!!!! Ugh...
  24. Brewers- I'm Jewish, Braun is Jewish? That's all I've got.
  25. Cardinals- Er, good team? I do love me some Cecil, so they should be higher up. Too late.
  26. Orioles- can I have 5 last place teams? No? You sure? Fine. We've had the upper hand on them recently, so booya!
  27. Yankees- Ditto! Though this team looks way scarier than last year's. *gulp*
  28. Royals- Ugh. I really really really dislike (not a fan of the word hate) the Royals. Just yuck.
  29. Rangers- They're the Royals times a hundred- pretty much solely based on Odor alone.
  30. Red Sox- Not that I have any particularly dislike for them per se, any more than any other AL East tea, (though Ortiz was always a bit too much for my taste, on the other hand, Pedroia is awesome), they just scare the absolute bejeezus out of me. If you see a guy in the stands peaking though his hands, it's probably me.. for the whole game.
And that's that! Maybe this will catalyze me to write more frequently.

Go Jays Go!

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