My Favourite Temas 1–32

1. Montréal Expos. For the shear joy of baseball.

2. Toronto BlueJays. I'm Canadian & my grandson loves them.

3. 1968 Detroit Tigers. One of the best World Series of all time.

4. St. Louis Cardinals. Because they are always good and for the being the other half of the 1968 World Series.

5. Cleveland Indians—in spite of their racist name. Because they almost always lose.

6. Tampa Bay. Because they usually exceed expectations and because my grandfather used to over-winter there.

7. Chicago White Sox. Because they are a lot like Cleveland. Haven't had an interesting team since Bill Veeck (who once owned the Indians).

7.Minnesota Twins. Because they had Rod Carew, Harmon Killibrew, and Tony Oliva.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates. For their mighty struggles.

9–22. I don't really care; pick randomly.

23. Oakland Athletics. The uniforms.

24. Kansas City Royals. Because they live on the wrong side of the river.

25. Washington Senators. Because they aren't the Expos. The old Washington Senators were a bit lovable for their ineptitude.

26. Texas Rangers. You need to ask?

27. Chicago Cubs. Because they had the temerity to break the curse.

28. Los Angles Dodgers. Too much money and because they left Brooklyn.

29. San Francisco Giants. Because Barry Bonds played there during his most unlikable period and because they moved out of Queens.

30. Boston Red Sox. Because the fans are obnoxious. Actually, the city itself is too.

31. New York Yankees. Damn Yankees.

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