My Favorite Baseball Teams - Ranked

Long time lurker, very little posts. I check BBB multiple times a day, and have great respect for everyone who contributes. A little insight into my list... I;'m a life long baseball fan (only 34 now) from Windsor, Ontario, I grew up playing baseball at a high level and am currently working on hitting as many stadiums as possible (15 down, then kids came so wife and I slowed down a bit now).

1. Blue Jays - I think this one's obvious to everyone..

2. Twins - Always had a soft spot watching some of their great players like Kirby Puckett and Torii Hunter, and visited the Metrodome as one of my first road trips.

3. Cardinals -- Went to St. Louis when I was 16 for a Baseball Tournament and got to play a game at the old stadium. Instantly became a favorite of mine.

4. Pirates -- Again, great stadium, sat through a 3 hour rain delay eating foot long hot dogs on a throw back evening event.

5. Royals -- Loved watching the way they played, always seemed like a scrappy team even back in the day

6. Braves -- The run of dominance yet always seeming to fall just short amazed me.

7. Indians -- Been to Cleveland several times, fans always seemed great even in the down years. They had some great players, and i'm sure the Major League Movies helped.

8. Angels -- Similar to Cleveland, watching Angels in the Outfield to many times i'm sure.

9. Giants -- Steroids or not, Bonds was a sight to see and the history of the Giants is quite amazing.

10. Cubbies -- Loved the losers, amazing history and field. Now that they won, maybe they will move down.

11. Red Sox -- I may get roasted for this one, but I'm a history guy and movie guy.. Watching fever pitch made me feel like a kid again. And while I'll cheer against them, i'll always turn on their game if the Jays aren'

12. Reds -- I met Pete Rose in Vegas signing autographs one year, as a baseball fan that was amazing.

13. Phillies -- Followed Doc when he went, and there's always the Fanatic!

14. Mariners -- Almost always a home game for Toronto, so they move up because of the Canadian fans that show up in Seattle!

15. Brewers -- This one's only because of the stadium, the roof there moves so perfectly, unlike the Rogers Centre

16. A's -- Thanks For Donaldson, and watching Ricky back in the day..

17. Padre's -- Gwynn and those old school uni's move them up my list a bit

18. Astro's -- What's with the hill in the outfield? Some history with the killer B's...

19. Rockies -- Umm, just because they need to go somewhere

20. Mets -- It's still New York after all

21. Dodgers -- With their free spending of late, starting to slide down the list. Outspending everyone doesn't with ball games.

22. D-Backs -- Such ugly uniforms, not sure how you can watch that on TV

23. Orioles -- Division Rival, always seem to have whiners on the team...

24. White Sox -- Just a dump, the team, the city, the fans... The one stadium I felt the most unsafe at...

25. Marlins -- Loria, yuck... The win and then rebuild drove me crazy...

26. Nationals -- Stole our other Canadian team, not sure if that's enough of a reason, but it is for me...

27. Rangers -- They would have been up higher if not for the past few years. Enough said there..

28. Rays -- Yeah, not the popular pick to put down here, but watching games on TV vs them drives me nuts..

29. Yankees -- Total dislike for the evil empire..

30. Tigers - From a border city where many Canadians are Detroit Tiger Fans, we can see the stadium from our city, and listening to Tiger Fans drives me nuts. I think I became a Jays fan just to go against the rest of my family at a young age!

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