MLB Teams as ranked from the other side of the pond!

Just a quick run through the teams as I see them from my pretty distanced view here in the UK.

I think it says a lot that I got to 3 from the top and decided it would be better to fill from 30 upwards from there. It's not that I dislike more teams than I like... I'm just a Jays fan and everyone else is just making up the numbers!

Favourite team:

1) Blue Jays (surprise!)

Teams I have a soft spot for:

2) Giants (was in SF for that first WS in their recent run)

3) Cubs (relatives and big Joe Madden fan)

4) Mariners (the amazing away support)

The great middle - low budget teams trying to win despite the massive odds

5) Athletics

6) Twins

7) Rays

8) Brewers

The great middle - like them a little

9) Pirates

10) Nationals

11) Phillies (Doc related)

The great middle - I feel nothing (numbers are mainly fluid)

12) Padres

13) Black Sox

14) Astros

15) Diamondbacks

16) Reds

17) Rockies

18) Cardinals (felt like they should be at the bottom, so guess I feel a little negative)

The great middle - imagine if Thor still pitched for us!

19) Mets

The great middle - owner and dodgy stadium deal

20) Marlins

The great middle - big budget teams penalised for trying to buy their way to a championship

21) Angels (top of this group for taking Vernon Wells!)

22) Dodgers

23) Tigers

Least favourite teams - Rivalries and less savoury individual players

24) Royals

25) Rangers

Least favourite teams - Team Names (agree with the idea we shouldn't even name them)

26) Atlantas

27) Clevelands

Least favourite teams - AL East rivalries:

28) Red Sox

29) Yankees

30) Orioles

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