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Poll time: Choose the best limerick

Choose the Poet Laureate of Bluebird Banter.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Limericks getting the most recs are (in no particular order, numbered to make it easier to make the poll) :

1: From jehirsh:

There once was a man named Jose,
He wanted 5/150 to stay,
The jays said, "no good,
But for 2/40 we could,
Let’s get this deal done today."

2: From LimeyJaysFan:

There was once a fool named Roughned
Who had something wrong with his head
He played like a jerk
‘cause his brain didn’t work
But we won, so really ’nough said

3: From c-square:

Matt Gross came to us from P. Row
When the Jays got his precious Tulo
He arrived with a frown,
which we turned upside-down
Now he’s the happiest BB’er I know

4: From Thom Nelligan:

There once was a team called the Jays,
And the news would go quiet for days.
As things looked bleak,
Hearing nothing for a week.
Thank God, for Transaction Fridays.

5: From canuck89:

There once was a player named Smoak
He runs the bases as fast as Slowpoke
But his penchant for strikes
Did not earn him much likes
I hope that extension was some kind of joke

6: From TimmyMax:

I want to like Atkins/Shapiro,
But off-season signings are zero!
Been nothing but talk,
They let Eddie walk,
Re-sign Jose, our bat flip hero!

7: From c-square:

When it comes to Marco Estrada,
A bigger fan than barraqudie there is nada.
She is friendly and kind,
No nicer person you’ll find.
But dis Marco and you’re persona non grata.

So vote.