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Friday FanPost Recap

Taking a look how folks ranked the MLB teams.

ALCS - Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Five Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Nine of you took up our first FanPost Friday Challenge (Challenge isn’t the right word, Adventure, no...., Misadventure, nope). Great job. For those that didn’t, you’ll have to join in next week. We even had a couple of FanPosts that were on different topics this weekend, which is great. The idea of FanPost Friday is to remind people about the FanPost area, which has been under used lately.

And the nine posts:


I like the list. It interests me that numbers 2-5 are all NL teams, which I understand. At the bottom of the is three of the other AL East teams, with the Rangers mixed in. That makes sense we see those teams a lot, familiarity breeds children, whoops I mean contempt. Yankees at the bottom works for me. About the only way I’d cheer for the Yankees is if an alien race was playing the Yankees for supremacy of Earth (and actually, with the situation south of the border, I might cheer for the aliens).


Dodgers number two? Ok. Again 2-5 are NL teams. Cleveland gets 7th, because of Edwin and I think I’ll follow them more this year, though the team name makes it tough for me to like them. Red Sox are at the bottom and I can get behind that, though the Yankees at 27th seems too high, though I do understand the dislike for the Royals and Rangers.


Nationals number 2, as a former Expos fan I can understand that, but I pretty much went the other way, ignoring the Nationals. Padres and Giants at the bottom of the list. I rarely think about the Padres.


Cheated a bit, added two teams, putting the Expos up top, which I understand. They were my first baseball love. You never forget your first. He also added the Washington Senators, who were around too long ago for even me to remember. Red Sox and Yankees are at the bottom, so I’m sure I’d like Buwisit.


Twins number two, very cool. I really enjoyed going to games at Target Field. Nice city. Tigers at the very bottom, beating out the Yankees. Red Sox at 11th.....I’ll admit I liked the ‘old’ Red Sox, I loved Carl Yastrzemski, Dwight Evans (named my oldest boy Dwight, in part because of Evans) and Jim Rice. Course that was before their fans became insufferable.


Gave us a quick story of his Jays fandom, which I love to see. Mets number two. I’ll admit I hated the Mets when the Expos traded Gary Carter there, but then grew to like their rather eccentric collection of players. Atlanta at the bottom is an inspired choice. That chop thing does have to go. Actually he has Cleveland and Atlanta at the bottom, which I can understand.


Number 2 is the Giants and 3 is the Cubs. I can understand. Red Sox, Yankees and Orioles (in that order) at at the bottom, but Atlantas and Clevelands are just above.


I like that he (or she) ranks the teams in tiers...and that the Blue Jays have a tier of their own and the Yankees (at the opposite end) have their own tier as well.


Good explanations of why each team is ranked where they are. Yankees are too high, but we’ll forgive. Rangers are at the bottom....that’s fair. The bottom 5 are all AL teams. Rays fifth from the bottom, which surprises me, I’m pretty agnostic about them.

Anyway, read them all. Thanks all for participating. We’ll try to come up with another topic for this coming Friday.