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Saturday Bantering: Catching up on the news

Normally, when you are away for a couple of weeks, you miss a lot. This time, not so much.

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers
When the biggest news is a minor league signing, you know it has been a slow week.
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Back after 11 days away, it was supposed to be 10 days away but our flight couldn’t leave Costa Rico Wednesday because of volcanic ash in the air. It didn’t turn out so bad, we had another nice day in warm weather before coming back to the cold. Of course, a good part of that extra day was spent trying to find a way to get home.

I was a very nice holiday, we saw a good part of the country, and many animals that don’t tend to winter in Calgary, Alberta.

So what did miss?

  • We signed Gavin Floyd. Not exciting news but he was pretty good last year, before the injury. 30 strikeouts and 8 walks, in 31 innings looks good. He has a good chance of being the long man out of the pen.
  • Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez might not be best friends anymore, which falls under the ‘who the hell cares’ (other than Stroman and Sanchez). A healthy rivalry between the pair would be about as good as it could get for us.
  • Sanchez has taken Scott Boras as an agent. Seems like a smart move on Sanchez’ part. I’d imagine Aaron is the early favorite to be our opening day starter.
  • Jose Bautista still hasn’t signed. I was hoping the Jays would sign him before I got back. I have no idea what the Jays are thinking and I have no idea where he might end up. I’d love to have him back to play first base. I saw a comment from his agent saying that Jose is ‘bewildered’ by how his free agency has gone. There are about 40 days until batters are to report to spring training, I’m wondering if he’ll have a team to train with in 40 days.
  • And, in the running low on time category, we still have a few holes that I’d like the Jays front office to fill before the season starts. They don’t seem to be in a rush. Maybe that is the smart more. It does appear that asking prices are dropping, as the off-season progresses. I’d think the team needs a lefty reliever, needs at least one outfielder or first baseman if you think that Steve Pearce would be better used as an outfielder, someone who could help out in the middle of the lineup or would could leadoff. A backup catcher and another late inning arm would be a nice things to have.
  • I see that the Royals signed Brandon League to a minor league contract, he’s one of those guys for whom I’ll always have a soft spot.
  • Michael Saunders still isn’t signed. If you knew the reason why he stopped hitting at mid-season, he might be someone worth offering a contract. If you are like me, and just have wild guesses at why he stopped hitting, I wouldn’t be offering him much.
  • Watching Edwin put on one of those ugly Cleveland jerseys was less than fun. I’ll be sad about losing him for a long time.