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Monday Bantering: Gibby Talks

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

John Gibbons was on the Jeff Blair Show. Here is some of what he said:

  • On the season: “We never could get on that roll. Make that one big push.”
  • ‘The guys in the bullpen had a good year.’
  • When did he give up on the idea they could make the playoffs: ‘After the Chicago series we knew that time was running out.’
  • ‘Tulo had a pretty severe injury, hard to tell how he’ll bounce back.’
  • ‘Danny Jansen put himself on the map.’ He should start the season in Triple A and play everyday and maybe a few months into the season he could come up and backup Martin.
  • ‘Lopez showed us some good things.’
  • On backup catchers ‘I’d lean to someone better defensively.”
  • ‘Coming off a tough year, you need to make some changes.”
  • “Still looking for the leadoff spot.”
  • Teoscar: ‘He opened up everyone’s eyes. He has a short swing. When he learns the pitchers, the strikeouts will improve.’
  • Travis: ‘Different team with him in the lineup. He always seemed to hit the better pitchers too. A key part of the team. The knees are something he’s going to battle the rest of his career.’
  • Travis: ‘He’s always going to be dealing with aches and pains.’ He seemed to say that Travis will always need some time off. I’m of the opinion that it would be nice to find a better backup middle infielder than we have. The chance of Tulo and Travis both playing 140 games is pretty slim. I’d like it if we didn’t have 700 at bats from Goins and Barney next year.
  • ‘Sanchez is the wild card.’
  • ‘I like what Brett Anderson did.’
  • ‘Not sure if Biagini will be a starter or in the pen.’
  • Jose: ‘Chased out of the zone more than he did in the past.’ ‘It was one of those years’ ‘Jose is getting older.’ ‘I couldn’t have higher praise for the kid.’

It was announced that the Jays aren’t picking up Jose Bautista’s option, not that we thought there was any chance of it happening.

And Josh Donaldson has stated he would like to stay with the team. Of course, he’s gotta say that. He hasn’t said he would sign for less here.

I’m curious how the winter goes. Do you sign him to an extension now? He’s been very consistent as a Jay. His numbers, this year, were about what he put up the last two, other than the missed time. He’s had OPS+ of 151, 154 and 144 in his three years as a Jay.

I don’t know how much, or how long I’d want to go on a contract for him. And I don’t know how much he would get in free agency after next year. It looks like there might be a few good bats on the market. Josh will be 33 going into 2019.

I’m curious what the Cardinals might offer.

I wonder how hard the Jays will be working to find another outfielder. We used Ezequiel a lot and he had a pretty good season for Ezequiel Carrera, but he’s not much better than replacement level. Steve Pearce? I’d like him better if we didn’t count on him to play everyday.

I think Teoscar has a good chance to win an outfield spot, and I think Anthony Alford is close to being ready for the majors. And I still like Dalton Pompey, but, right now, at best I see him as a fourth outfielder.

I think we’ve all given up on the idea that Kevin Pillar will be anything more than we’ve seen offensively. I think we can win with him, but he’s not going to be a big part of the offense.

So I’d like an outfielder.