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Poll Time: Which AL team are you cheering for in the playoffs?

Division Series - Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Four Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

We had it good, the last two seasons, we knew which team to cheer for in the playoffs.

This year?

Let’s check the possibilities:

Twins: They are the underdogs. They play the Yankees, in New York, tomorrow night. They have Paul Molitor as manager, so there is a Jays connection. And they have Bartolo Colon (though I wonder if he’ll the roster). They really aren’t unlikable. And I really enjoyed Minneapolis when I was there, a few years back.

Yankees: I can’t cheer for the Yankees, but I don’t find them as totally objectionable as they were a few years ago. I think I like them better when I don’t hear about Jeter all game. I’m sure I’ll come to the same point with Judge soon. But, I’m not ever going to cheer for them. It’s like my dad was with the Canadians, if aliens came down from space to play the Habs for global domination, he’d paint himself green and cheer for our new overlords. That’s me and the Yankees. Someone, long ago said that cheering for the Yankees is like cheering for General Motors.

Astros: I do kind of admire them. And I they have Jake Marisnick (a Jays prospect I liked), Francisco Liriano and Joe Musgrove (though I doubt all three will make the roster). The city of Houston has been through a lot, so I’m thinking they might be my AL team, though I still have moments when I forget they are an AL team.

Red Sox: I can’t cheer for them. I have a warm spot for Brian Butterfield and David Price, but my dislike for Farrell trumps all.

Cleveland: They have Edwin. And Yan Gomes and Joe Smith. And they are a very good team. On the flip side, they have Trevor Bauer and I hate that stupid logo.


Which AL team will you cheer for in the playoffs?

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    Red Sox
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