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Bluebird Banter World Series Prediction Contest

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

In our LCS prediction thread, we had a few that got both series right. I had both the Dodgers and the Astros, as did dexfarkin, citizen928, kateincali and garethsinke.

The Dodgers won in 5 and the Astros in 7.

I guessed Dodgers in 5, Astros in 6...missed by one.

dexfarkin guessed Dodgers in 6, Astros in 5....missed by 3.

citizen928 guessed Dodgers in 6, Astros in 5, missed by 3.

kateincali guess Dodgers in 5, Astros in 6, missed by 1.

garethsinke Dodgers in 7, Astros in 5, missed by 4.

So kateincali and I are tied. We had total runs as the tie breaker.

There were 42 runs scored in the Astros’ series and 36 in the Dodgers’ series.

kateincali 48 and by 12 runs.

I guessed 57 and by 19 runs.

So kateincali gets the win. Congratulations.

We have Dodgers and Astros starting tonight tomorrow in LA. Let’s guess at series winner, games and total runs scored.

I have no idea, but I’ll guess Dodgers in 6 and 40 total runs.