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Marcus Stroman and Kevin Pillar ‘Finalists’ for Gold Gloves

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We have two Blue Jays who are finalists for Gold Gloves.

Marcus Stroman is one of the three top in voting for AL Gold Glove pitchers. He’s in the running with Chris Sale, from the Red Sox, and Alex Cobb, from the Rays.

I’m very happy for Stroman. I have no idea how you pick the top defensive pitcher, but Marcus does look very good on defense. I couldn’t tell you if he is the best in the league or not.

And Kevin Pillar is one of the top three center field in the center fielder vote. Lorenzo Cain, from the Royals, and Byron Buxton, from the Twins, are his competition.

I felt Pillar should have been the Gold Glove winner last year. This year, I think he is still in the conversation, but he’s not as clear a choice as last year.

I thought Justin Smoak might get some love for his defense at first base, but I never can figure out how they vote for Gold Gloves. First base is a tough position to get a feel for how to judge a player’s defense.

There are former Blue Jays up for Gold Gloves: Yan Gomes and R.A. Dickey are up for awards are their respective positions.

You can see the finalists for the other positions here.