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The Best Tweets from the Final Jays Series of 2017

We had October baseball! ...for three hours

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the final Jays series of 2017 (at Yankee Stadium):

On the rumor that the Cardinals will be “strongly pursuing” Josh Donaldson:

Kristin Smoak, who is having none of this nonsense:

On warm-up routines:

On valid questions:

On Ezequiel Carrera’s base hit, and subsequent pick-off in Game 1:

On Aaron Judge’s home run off Marcus Stroman in Game 2:

On being good sports:

On transferrable job skills:

On something we haven’t seen in a while:

On goals for next year:

On Marcus Stroman hitting his goal of pitching 200 innings:

(Marcus’ mom is proud too)

On Teoscar Hernández’s continued dominance:

On our announcers’ love for Aaron Judge, which we won’t miss in the off season:

On hopes for Darwin Barney:

On sad realizations:

On something that happened in Game 3 that didn’t happen in the first two games:

On something John Gibbons and Joe Girardi have in common:

On watching the bottom of the 9th inning with bated breath:

On statements that summarize the 2017 season up far too well:

On not being ready to say goodbye to Jose Bautista:

On finishing one game above the Orioles (for 4th place!) in the smallest of victories:

On not wanting to read any “season in review” articles:

On flashbacks to last year:

And looking forward to next year:


On magic:

On things that are pretty brilliant:

Andrew Romine playing all 9 positions in one game: