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Poll Time: Do you prefer a high scoring game or a pitcher’s duel?

MLB: World Series-Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s game was wild. Weird. It finished 13-12 in 10 innings. There was a ton of scoring.

It is hard to remember a game like it, in the World Series, since 1993’s World Series, Blue Jays beat the Phillies 15-14.

It seems like MLB wants games like that. They’ve changed the ball to make it fly better and break less (when a pitcher throws it). Or at least it seems that’s what they’ve done. Manfred claims otherwise but he did say he wanted more scoring and everyone is saying the ball is different.

He seems to think that more scoring is what fans want. I’m kind of curious. For me...the occasional game like last night’s is ok, but I wouldn’t want to see them too often. For me, the scoring was too easy. Going into the ninth, I was pretty sure the Dodgers would score at least 3 runs to tie. There wasn’t the feeling of drama. For me, the ball was flying out of the park too easy.

Of course I wonder if the way the game went will get managers thinking twice about the idea of pulling pitchers earlier in playoff games. It seems several of the pitchers have been overused this series. Brandon Morrow seemed especially done. He shouldn’t have pitched.

I’ve always like pitcher duels, those low scoring, 1 runs games. Games were you think any mistake, by a pitcher or fielder, could lose the game.

Maybe somewhere in between is best?

Let’s have a poll.


What type of game do you like?

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  • 39%
    High scoring, like last night?
    (380 votes)
  • 22%
    Pitchers duel, low scoring?
    (220 votes)
  • 38%
    Somewhere in between.
    (370 votes)
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