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Rogers Media terminates Gregg Zaun over allegations of inappropriate behavior

The Sportsnet analyst since 2011 was accused of inappropriate comments and behavior, although there were no allegations of physical or sexual assault, Sportsnet states.

Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays
Former player and television broadcast personality Gregg Zaun wears a cowboy hat on Canada Day before the Toronto Blue Jays MLB game against the Detroit Tigers on July 1, 2013 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Rogers Media, the owner of Sportsnet, announced that TV analyst and former Major League Baseball player Gregg Zaun has been terminated due to inappropriate workplace behavior, including allegations of sexual misconduct and lewd comments.

Zaun, who calls himself the "Manalyst" and was known for his controversial positions about both current and former baseball players, along with baseball rules and standards, has maintained a role with Sportsnet since 2011, after he retired as a player.

Sportsnet states that there were no allegations against Zaun that involved physical or sexual assault.

“This week, we received complaints from multiple female employees at Sportsnet regarding inappropriate behavior and comments by Gregg Zaun in the workplace," president of Rogers Media Rick Brace said in a statement on Thursday evening. "After investigating the matter, we decided to terminate his contract, effective immediately.”

“This type of behavior completely contradicts our standards and our core values. We believe in a professional workplace where all employees feel comfortable and respected. We are grateful to our employees who spoke with us and we will take every measure to protect their privacy.”

Zaun's termination from Sportsnet comes as part of a larger revolt against sexual misconduct in newsrooms, workplaces, Hollywood and elsewhere. Just yesterday, Matt Lauer, the face of NBC News, was fired from the network for sexual misconduct.

Sportsnet has yet to announce whether Zaun's now vacant role will be filled, or who may fill the position.

This article, written by Mark Colley, was also published on 360bluejaynews, an account owned and managed by the author of this article.