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Blue Jays Rumor Time

League Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game Seven Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

So there are a bunch of Blue Jays rumors out there, now that Marcell Ozuna has been traded to the Cardinals (yeah I would have liked him, but I wouldn’t have liked the price). Jeter has said that the Marlins won’t be trading Christian Yelich, but then who knows what Jeter might do next.

  • Jon Heyman tells us the Jays are interested in Carlos Gomez and Carlos Gonzalez. They want to corner the market on Carloses (Carloi?).
  • And the Jays have talked to CC Sabathia. He would be ok to have in the rotation. I’m not against the idea. Apparently Gibby is a fan:

“I love him. I’ve always liked him. He’s coming off a big year,” Gibbons said. “He’s a workhorse, man. He’s always pitched well against us. One of the great competitors in the game for a number of years. I thought he looked strong last year.”

  • The Jays are also ‘in play’ for Edwardo Nunez (along with the Red Sox and Yankees). He would be a nice addition to the middle infield. He hit .313/.341/.460 last year. That would look good in the Jays lineup.
  • Ben Nicholson tells us that many teams (likely including the Jays) are looking at Adam Duvall as trade target. He’s hit 63 home runs over the past two seasons, but he gets on base at a .300 rate.

And Gibby thinks that Josh Donaldson will have a ‘monster year’:

“He knows he’ll be a free agent unless, of course, we sign him,” Gibbons said. “So that will motivate him more and he might have a monster year. I expect him to have a monster year, because that’s what he thrives on.”

I don’ think the free agent thing will change Josh much, he doesn’t seem to be the type that needs extra motivation.

Use the thread to discuss any rumor that interests you.