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Hall of Fame Poll results

Bluebird Banter members would vote 6 into the Hall of Fame.

Vladimir Guerrero leads off Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

There isn’t any Blue Jays news (or even a decent rumor) going on at the moment, so let’s take a look at our Hall of Fame polls.

We ran 26 polls, skipping 7 on the ballot (Livan Hernandez, Kevin Millwood, Carlos Lee, Aubrey Huff, Hideki Matsui, Jason Isringhausen and Brad Lidge, all of whom will likely come off the ballot after this year).

Here is the results:

Using the 75% bar, used by the BBWAA, we would have elected 6 new Hall of Famers: Guerrero, Thome, Walker, Chipper Jones, Martinez and McGriff. Hoffman and Mussina falling just short. It’s pretty unlikely that Walker and McGriff will make it

I’m a bit surprised Clemens and Bonds didn’t do better, in both polls. I was hoping the Morgan letter would cause enough of the BBWAA to get their backs up and get them voted in.

I’d be surprised if the Writers vote in 6, but it would be good to clear that many names off of next year’s ballot. Going by the known ballots, the Writers are likely to vote in Guerrero, Hoffman, Chipper, Martinez and Thome. I’m not sold on Hoffman, but I’m not going to change voter’s minds on that.

On the Writers ballots, it’s looking like Johan Santana will be dropped off the ballot. He needs to be in 5% of the ballots and he’s running at 1.8%. It looks like he will join Carlos Delgado among the guys that I didn’t think should be a ‘one and done’.