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Off Topic Post: New Years Resolutions

Tells us about your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions, baseball related or not.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
I resolve to grow a big thick beard. Course my wife resolves to divorce me if I do, so maybe I’ll rethink that one.
Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

We are coming to the end of 2017. It’s been an interesting year. For Blue Jays’ fans it didn’t go as expected. On the non-baseball side, there has been some good (that woman feel like that can come out and say when they have been mistreated is a big site forward) and a lot of bad (almost everything else).

With the end of the year, we get some self reflection time, so I thought I’d ask what you are thinking for New Year’s resolutions.


The obvious one: I didn’t get to see a Blue Jays game live this year. I was lucky, we had a couple of very nice holidays, both to Europe and there wasn’t time/money for a baseball trip. I’ve had at least one baseball trip, each season, for the past nine years. I missed it this year. So something will be done about that. I’m thinking of going to the Jays series in Seattle in early August. Seattle is fun city to visit.

The boring one: I’m going to try to get into shape. Last year I rode in a 2-day, 200k, charity bike ride and I didn’t do well. Some of it was that I had a bike that wasn’t built for riding that far, so I’ve bought a bike that is built for that. Some of it was that....the first day was into a strong wind, which made the biking tough, especially for the last 20k or so. The only thing that go me to the end was the thought that ‘tomorrow this wind will be at my back’. The next day the wind shifted so we were riding into it again (and it was much stronger) and, well, it was terrible.

And, a large part of it was that I wasn’t in shape.

So the goal has been to get into shape. I worked out a lot in November, and dropped 10-15 pounds. December wasn’t as good, but the plan is to get in some sort of workout in for everyday of January, and be down another 10. Then I’ll be happy.

Because I can’t make myself workout without a goal, I’ve bought a new bike and have signed up for a couple of charity bike rides. Why yes, I’ll be bugging you for donations, thanks for asking.

Cancer ride:

MS Ride:

The hard to quantify one: I’ve always been terrible at conflict. I run from conflict. I hate it. And therefore I don’t deal with it well. Or perhaps I don’t deal with it at all. I’m resolving to get better at it. I’ve been very very lucky, I rarely have conflict

I’ve known a lot of people who just live for conflict, who seek it out. I can’t understand it. I’d much rather remove myself from the situation than to deal with it. But I’m resolving to get better at it. Not run from it so quickly. Or at least try.

Of course, with any luck at all, it won’t come up.

So that’s me, what resolutions are you planing on this New Year?