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Who would you put in the Bluebird Banter Blue Jays Hall of Fame?

Give us your vote for the second member.

Wild Card Game - Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

We had our first Bluebird Banter Blue Jays Hall of Fame vote, and the winner was Roberto Alomar. A pretty good choice. We’ll do a write up on him after we get our two other votes done.

My plan was to do three votes this first year and then one vote a year for, well, as long as I stay on the site.

I’m using the ‘retired 5 years rule for players (so no Roy Halladay). For front office and managers, that line is a little harder to draw, as they don’t really retire. They often get hired again, sometimes years after they are let go the first time.

I'm not going to campaign for any of them, but you can use the comment thread to make the case for whoever you like. And I'll leave it up to put to decide on your criteria for the vote.

Let’s have the second poll.