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FanPost Friday: What rule change would you make in MLB?

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Friday comes around again, and that means it is FanPost Friday.

I suggest a topic, you guys write about it. A great way for a lazy person to run a blog, get others to write it.


If you could make one rule change to MLB baseball, what would it be?

Rob Manfred suggested putting a runner on second base to start each inning of extra inning, as a way of speeding up extras.

Man, I hate the idea.

One of the cool things about baseball is the game is played until there is a winner without some skills competition ending things. NHL has 5 minutes of overtime (changing the rules to 4 on 4 hockey) and then, if still tied, doing a shootout. Soccer, when they have a game they don’t want to have end in a tie, uses penalty kicks. Football, well, you saw the Super Bowl.

I like that baseball plays the same game until it is over.

But, Manfred doesn’t like the idea of the games going long. To me, well that’s baseball.

Anyway, think up what you would change about MLB, go here, and write your post.

Last week, the assignment was to tell us about a Blue Jays trade you would undo. We had four six posts.

the_tbj_fan wrote about the Shawn Green (plus a minor leaguer) for Raul Mondesi and Pedro Borbon trade. Yeah that was a terrible deal. Green asked for a trade, but still, you would hope that Ash could have found a better deal than that.

ewank wrote about three trades: Alan Ashby for Mark Lemongello. Michael Young for Estaban Loiza. And Mike Napoli for Frank Francisco. I keep trying to forget the Napoli trade. It was just a bad idea, though Francisco could have made it look a little better if he had pitched decent.

Esteban87 also wrote about the Michael Young trade. It seems like it was just a total scouting failure.

erik.t went a totally different way, writing about the trade that brought us Edwin Encarnacion and tries to figure out what would have happened if we never made that trade.

I don’t know how I missed these earlier....

Cam Oegema wrote about the Roy Halladay trade. In the long run, it got us Devon Travis, but the trade was one of those reminders that prospects often disappoint. He follows all the threads of that trade.

Siefert writes about 4 trades. The infamous Mike Sirotka trade. The R.A. Dickey trade. Hendriks for Chavez. And....digging into the past, the trade of Denis Coucher, Glenallen Hill and Mark Whiten for Tom Candiotti and Turner Ward. Sirotka is another one of those deals that I’ve tried my best to forget. Boy, that was a sad thing.