Rule Changes - The constant Tinkering

I really hope Rob Manfred stops all this silliness about the length of the game. I was listening to Casey Stern the other day and he makes a very valid point - games currently run on average around 2 hours and 48 minutes. Reducing the game by 3 minutes - will that make more people, who don't currently watch, start to? I doubt it and so did he. The idea of not throwing the four balls for an intentional walk is ridiculous, considering there was an intentional walk about once every 2.8 games. So, how much time will that really cut from the average, and then you don't get to see the ridiculous like wild throws letting the winning run score, Vlad Sr. hitting a double on a pitch just a little too close.

However, there is one rule that I would love to see implemented. I really hate when a catcher goes to the mound almost every pitch in a tight situation. There should be a restriction of only one non-pitcher visit to the mound each at bat. The only exception would be if the coach/manager uses their one visit during an at bat, then the non-pitcher can also join the discussion even if he has already made a visit. However, that will count for the non-pitcher visit! If a player, i.e. catcher, attempts to make a second visit, the umpire can award the batter with an automatic ball. It will not take long before this action is curtailed and there would be significant time savings during some games (especially those obnoxiously long games between the Red Sox and the Yankees).

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