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Reviewing Our 2016 Top 40 Prospect List

A look back at last year’s list.

Top 40 Prospects

Since we have finished posting our 2017 Top 40 Prospects List, I thought we might take a look at the players who were on last year’s list.

Of the 40 players on last year’s list:

  • 1 stayed in the same spot.
  • 12 fell off the list.
  • 6 moved up the list.
  • 13 moved down on the list.
  • 6 are no longer with the Jays.
  • 2 turned 26, so were no longer considered for our list.

Stayed in the same spot:

1. Anthony Alford

He is tied for the top spot on our new list.

Fell off the list:

13. Mitch Nay

Mitch missed most of 2016 with an injury, played in just 8 games. He is 23 now. He could jump back on the list with a good season.

16. Tom Robson

Matt mentioned him in his just missed out post.

19. Rodrigo Orozco

The 21 year old outfielder didn’t hit at all in Vancover, .241/.348/.289. That was a big drop for last year’s Bluefield MVP.

23. Juan Meza

A RHP, was a big international signing in 2014. All the talent hasn’t appeared yet, he had a 8.61 ERA in the GCL. He’s 19. He throws hard so he could learn to harness it.

26. Deiferson Barreto

Played 2B and 3B in Vancouver. Hit .215/.259/.333 in 46 games. He’s 21. There is time for him to jump back on the list

30. Travis Bergen

LHP, 23, played for the Canadians and GCL, but only pitched 5 innings total, missing most of the season with an injury.

33. Tim Mayza

LH reliever, 25 now, pitched in Dunedin and New Hampshire. 2.25 ERA between the two teams. I listed him in my just missed out. He won’t be eligible to be on next year’s list, since he’ll be 26, but as a lefty reliever, there is still a chance he’ll make the Jays.

36. Carl Wise

22 year old 3B, hit .240/.291/.329 at Lansing, 4 home runs. Our 4th round pick in 2015. We are still waiting for some power to appear.

37. Andres Sotillo

23 year old catcher, played in Vancouver, but didn’t hit, .200/.274/.263 in 29 games. It might have been a mistake to have him on last year’s list, but, we thought that he seemed to have a decent bat for a catcher.

38. Jeremy Gabryszwski

Pitched in New Hampshire, had a 5.23 ERA in 28 starts. He’s 23, a good year would put him back on the list.

39. Yeltsin Gudino

Played in Vancouver, hit .226/.338/.258. He’s just 20 years old.

40. Dusty Isaacs

RHP Isaacs had a good year, but he is 25 now and was a reliever in A ball last year.

Moved up on the list:

4. Sean Reid-Foley

Up one spot to 3.

5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr

Moved up to a tie for number one.

6. Rowdy Tellez

Moved up to 5.

27. Francisco Rios

Moved up to 19.

34. Reggie Pruitt

Moved up to 29.

35. Danny Jansen

Moved up to 34

Moved down on the list:

2. Conner Greene

Dropped to 7.

3. Richard Urena

Moved down to 4.

7. Jon Harris

Dropped to 10.

8. Max Pentecost

Dropped to 14.

9. Justin Maese

Dropped to 11.

11. Dwight Smith, Jr

Dropped to number 25.

12. D.J. Davis

Dropped to 39...

14. Angel Perdomo

Dropped one spot to 15.

15. Ryan Borucki

Moved down one spot to 16.

21. Ryan McBroom

Dropped to 27

22. Jose Espada

Dropped to 32.

25. Lane Thomas

Dropped from 25 to 38

29. Shane Dawson

Dropped from 29 to 34.

No longer with the Jays:

10. Clinton Hollon

The Jays released him just before we started to put together the list. It does surprise me that they gave up on him, but, I’m imagining, there is something we don’t know about it. No one has picked him up yet.

17. Andy Burns

He was released in January. If he hadn’t been released he would have been dropped from the list because he turned 26.

18. Matt Smoral

Lost on waivers to the Rangers, back in December.

20. Lupe Chavez

Traded to Astros for Scott Feldman.

31. Jorge Flores

Lost on waivers, he is in the Phillies system.

32. Brady Dragmire

DFAed in September and traded to Pittsburgh. He is with the Rangers now.

Turned 26 years old:

24. Chad Girodo

Also was DFAed and outrighted to Buffalo.

28. Roemon Fields

An outfielder, he played in New Hampshire. Hit .227/.295/.296. He had 44 steals (16 times caught). I’d imagine he’ll be back there to start this season.