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Fanpost Friday: Undo one trade?

If you could undo one trade, in the history of the Blue Jays, which would it be?

ALCS - Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Four
Not the one that gave us him.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We are back around to Friday again, so time for another FanPost Friday.

The idea is: I suggest a topic, you guys write a FanPost about the topic. On Monday or Tuesday, we will recap the posts.


If you could go back into Jays history and undo one trade, which one would you choose?

So give us the trade you would do over if you were allowed. Tell us why. Tell us what you would have done instead. And, if you like, tell us how it would have changed the Jays timeline.

Now.....because I’m worried you will all pick the Dickey for Noah trade (and yeah, that would be a good choice, though we made the playoffs twice since, so I’d be worried about picking at that particular timeline thread), let’s make a rule. Choose that one, and you have to include a second trade you’d undo.

Or we can make the caveat that the Dickey trade is the one we’d all undo, so write about your second choice.

Either way, don’t take the easy road and just write about that one.

If you haven’t written a FanPost before, it’s time you did. If you are a veteran, show us how.

Get started here.