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Monday GameThread

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts
J.A. Happ
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays host the Red Sox this afternoon. The Game isn't on Sportsnet or J.A. Happ gets the start today.

Yesterday was a great day for watching baseball, if you ignore the Team Canada game. I thought that Ernie Whitt’s comments were a little over the top. Players have an obligation to the people that are paying them. It isn’t like adding Votto would make them the equal of the Dominican team. We were in the wrong group, we weren’t going to win. It’s life, it happens.

The Colombia/Dominican Republic game was as exciting a baseball game as I’ve ever seen. That throw by Jose was....well not the Jose of old, but it got the job done. Apparently he threw an 88 mph fastball.

There isn’t much out there for Jays news. Gibby did say that Josh Donaldson would be playing with in the next week, starting out at DH, maybe at a minor league spring game. And Devon Travis will also start playing soon, also at DH and starting with minor league games. No new word on Dalton Pompey, but I’m hoping the Jays are very careful with him. I’m figuring the injury will make it almost impossible for him to make the team.