Erik's 2017 Final Standings and Awards

For the 2017 season, the Division Winners will be pretty unexciting, as each division has a team projected to win 5+ more than second. The Mets are the only team that I see as having a chance to upset this, but I don't think they'll be able to pull off the Division Crown. The Wild Card race will be a different story. In the AL, there will be 6 teams fighting for the 2 spots. In the final weekend, the Jays will sweep the Yankees and hold them off, while the Tigers knock down the surprising Twins, and the Angels and Mariners eliminate each other on Saturday and Sunday. Over in the NL, the Rockies lean heavily on their young pitching and it gets them into the second Wild Card spot as a .500 team. They are the only team in the NL with a win total in the 80s.

AL East - Boston, Toronto (WC), New York, Tampa, Baltimore

AL Central - Cleveland, Detroit (WC), Minnesota, Kansas City, Chicago

AL West - Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Texas, Oakland

NL East - Washington, New York (WC), Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami

NL Central - Chicago, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee

NL West - Los Angeles, Colorado (WC), San Francisco, Arizona, San Diego

In the Wild Card games, Donaldson takes the walk-off walk against K-Rod, while Syndergaard completely baffles the Rockies lineup in a 4-0 win.

In the Division Rounds, the Jays take down the Indians in 4 games, as Andrew Miller gives up back to back home runs against Smoak and Upton in consecutive games, and the Astros sweep an over eager Red Sox team. In the NL, the Mets have nothing on the Cubs this year, and get swept, while Scherzer outduels Kershaw twice, and the Nats take the series in 4.

In the Championship Series', the Jays fall short once again, losing a slugfest series against the Astros in 7. Each game has 15+ combined runs, as the Astros continually beat up on Toronto's middle relievers. Over in the NLCS, Bryce Harper goes into god mode, and hits 8 homers in a 4 game sweep of the Cubs.

The Astros and Nats swap wins in the first 4 games of the Series, but Houston takes games 5 and 6 to finally bring a World Series title to the state of Texas, making Rangers fans lose their minds.

Awards: AL: Archer (CY), Trout (MVP), Moncada (ROY) NL: Kershaw (CY), Seager (MVP), Swanson (ROY)

Stat Leaders for the Blue Jays:

Avg - Pillar (.309)

OBP, SLG, RBI, Runs, wRC+, WAR, best haircut - Donaldson (.415, .550, 122, 129, 157, 7.1, scissors)

HR - Morales (41)

Walks - Bautista (122)

2B - Travis (43)

SB - Pompey (31)

Wins, FIP, WAR - Stroman (17, 3.19. 4.8)

ERA - Sanchez (3.37)

Strikeouts - Liriano (209)

Saves - Osuna (38)

Holds - Grilli (28)

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