RKic's projections

Rangers pitching does enough to win division

Cleveland walks all over AL Central – finishing w Best record in AL

Red Sox win AL East

Wild Cards – Houston, Jays.

Jays beat Hou (in Hou). Jays lose to Cle in ALDS. Red Sox Beat Tex.

Red Sox Beat Cle in ALCS.


NL. Dodgers win NLW. Cubs win NLC. Wash wins NLE

Wild Cards – Cards and Mets. Arizona and Col improve enough to deprive SF of 2nd WC.

Mets beat Cards in WC game – at Citi Field.

Cubs crush Mets. Dodgers beat Wash in NLDS

Cubs win NLCS


Cubs talent still rises. Beat Red Sox in WS – 4 games to 2. David Price doesn’t get ring – although Sale thrives in his 2 starts.

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