2017 Predictions

National League

NL East: The Nationals (2) are just too powerful

NL Central: Cubs (1) haven't lost anybody. Thing is, their defense actually gets worse with Kyle Schwarber back, but he kind of makes it up with offense. He was batting on 1 knee in the WS, and still made good contact in quality ABs.

NL West: Close one. The Dodgers (3) have it because the Giants don't have enough offense.

WC: Giants (4), Cards (5). Mets fall short again, as Matt Harvey is not there and their lineup is a mess.

Giants win the WC, because they play at home and can't produce enough offense anywhere else

NLDS: those are 2 2016 rematches, with same results. Cubs are too deep for the Giants who still can't hit enough in stadiums that don't stymie offenses. The Dodgers again set up Kershaw to fail in the playoffs by overtaxing him, and the Nats take advantage.

NLCS: The Nats actually beat the Cubs, whose starters start to crumble a bit.

NL Playoffs MVP: Bryce Harper

MVP: Clayton Kershaw. He'll be godlike again, and I don't see many NL players toping his WAR totals, and the bias against pitchers in the MVP award is weird.

Cy Young: Kershaw (would be weird if he won MVP but not Cy Young).

Hank Aaron award: Paul Goldschmidt

ROY: Dansby Swanson

American League

AL East: Red Sox (3). Their killer Bs (Betts, Boagerts, Benintendi, Bradley) make up for their holes at 3B, 1B and C. Their rotation is mighty good even without Price. Though division make them 3rd in the league.

AL Central: Cleveland (1). No real competition here, they run away with the League because of their weak division.

AL West: Astros (2). Wicked lineup.

WC: Blue Jays (4), Mariners (5). Two teams with good starting pitching, good defense (infield+ Pillar for the Jays, nothing drops in the Mariners outfield) and spotty offense. Jays win it because they hit 1 more bomb.

ALDS: Blue Jays-Cleveland rematch. Cleveland has too much starting depth (with more than 1 of their top 3 starters able to pitch), and they beat the Jays again in a low-scoring series. The Red Sox have just enough pitching to keep the slugfest manageable against the Astros, and they win it with their offense doing the rest.

ALCS: Cleveland-Red Sox rematch. This time, the Red Sox figure out the Cleveland starters to win it.

AL playoffs MVP: Xander Boagerts

AL MVP: Mike Trout

AL Cy Young: Yu Darvish in a close race

AL Hank Aaron award: Mike Trout

ROY: Andrew Benintendi

WS: The Nats edge the Red Sox.

WS MVP: Max Scherzer

Jays leaders

HR: Josh Donaldson (39)

OBP: Josh Donaldson (.430)

SLG: Josh Donaldson (.520)

BA: Devon Travis (.290)

RBI: Kendrys Morales (98)

Runs: Josh Donaldson (110)

ERA: Aaron Sanchez (3.30)

FIP: Marcus Stroman (3.50)

IP: Marcus Stroman (210)

K: Marcus Stroman (185)

WAR: Josh Donaldson (7.9)

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