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Thursday Bantering: Bad Walkup Songs

Your morning update for everything Blue Jays.

ALCS - Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians - Game Two
Pictured is Darwin Barney - or is that Barney, the big purple dinosaur? - clearly annoyed by his choice of walkup song.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

You know news is slow when you’re talking about walkup songs. Well, here’s the latest:

Laura Armstrong of the Toronto Star interviewed Blue Jay players on the worst walkup songs yesterday, and some of their answers are pretty comical. Some refuse to throw any of their teammates “under the bus,” as J.A. Happ puts it, but others launch right into criticism. Darwin Barney, for example, says some of his own have been the worst - including a time when his teammates changed his walkup song to the Barney theme song.

Ryan Goins freely states that “anything from Kevin Pillar” is awful, and, when Pillar found out, he knew exactly who said it. Both Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman rip country music, while Justin Smoak takes a stab at the others, saying anything rap is enough to get under his skin.

If there was one consensus pick for the worst artist, Miley Cirus may have been it. You can watch the full video here.

After a 12-0 win over the Pirates on Tuesday, Toronto again faltered for a 5-4 loss yesterday against the Detroit Tigers. Dalton Pompey, in his spring debut, homered and the Blue Jays scored two in the sixth, but it wasn’t enough in the end. You can read our full game breakdown here, or a quick summary here.

Today, the Blue Jays will go against the Philadelphia Phillies for the second time this spring with a 1:07 ET start time. At Florida Auto Exchange Stadium, Aaron Nola is slated to get the start for the City of Brotherly Love, while J.A. Happ will head to the mound against his former team.

Real fake games are fun, but nothing beats the regular season. Opening Day, against the Orioles at Camden Yards on April 3rd, stands at 32 days away. Since we have nothing else to talk about, let’s make some obviously false assumptions on the upcoming season.

  • The Blue Jays will be awful (62-100 record). They can’t even get a win against the Braves, so why will they be able to win against a major league team during the regular season?
  • Josh Donaldson will be injured for most of the year. If he can’t survive a full squad workout, why will be be able to survive a game?
  • Dalton Pompey will be the Blue Jays starting left fielder and lead all of baseball in home runs. If he hits a home run in his first (and only) at bat, that means he’ll hit a lot this year, right?

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