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Thursday Spring GameThread

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays
Ryan Goins
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

This is the Blue Jays 7th spring game, we are 1-5 this spring. Today’s game isn’t on TV again, but it is on radio.

There are little bits of Jays news:

  • Josh Donaldson has been taking ground balls and will be doing batting practice soon.
  • Gibby says that Jose Bautista ‘projects’ as the number three hitter. "I think that’s where he fits best"
  • Not Jays news, but, it looks like David Price might be needing Tommy John surgery. As much as I shouldn’t like any Red Sox, Price is a pretty great guy. I hope it turns out that the surgery isn’t needed.
  • J.A. Happ gets his first start of the spring.

And baseball has some ‘rule modifications’