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Tuesday GameThread

And bits of Blue Jays news.

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Another evening Spring game. Jays at the Phillies. Again it doesn’t appear to be on TV or MLB.TV.

There were bits of news:

  • Bo Schultz is going to have surgery to remove bone chip and, while they cutting, they are going to look for ligament damage. It doesn’t sound good.
  • Aaron Sanchez might miss his final spring start, because of the blisters.
  • And some more pitchers have been cut:
  • It looks like the Jays won’t tell us their roster until the weekend.
  • And we still haven’t heard where Angel Pagan is going to sign. I don’t really have strong feelings on wanting him or not.

And I’m guess this is going to be pretty much our regular lineup (barring a Pagan signing), at least to start the season.