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FanPost Friday: Meeting a Blue Jay?

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays
Maybe you met this guy?
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Happy FanPost Friday. Sorry I intended to post this earlier but it’s been a busy morning.

You know the drill. I suggest a topic and you write up a FanPost on that topic (or around that topic, up to you).

Today’s topic: Tell us about your best experience meeting someone from the Blue Jays organization?

Tell us about that time you met a player or coach or front office person or usher (well, maybe not that last one, unless you have a good story). Or if you have a good story about meeting a player from another team, that would be ok too.

Go here, and tell us your story.

Last week’s topic was ‘Tell us how you became a Blue Jays fan?’.

We had 10 FanPosts on that topic. Great work.

JaysCraze: We have the R.A. Dickey trade to thank for his fandom. Of course, maybe having Thor in the starting rotation would have brought him into the fold too.

ewank: He was a fan from the very start. Meaning, you know, that he’s old like me. He went to the very first game.

bellw: Lived in Colorado and moved to Nova Scotia and became a fan from there.

Rkic: He’s been a baseball fan since the 70’s, starting as a fan of the Reds (in the Joe Morgan/Pete Rose/Johnny Bench days), moving to the Expos and then the Jays in the 80’s when they started to put together a good time.

goLeafsD: He has a ‘three act’ story. He became a fan in the playoff/World Series years, left baseball in the strike/lockout years, and came back to the team when Roy Halladay was becoming the best pitcher in baseball.

Siefert: Is a Canadian sports fan and became a fan of the Jays in the 80’s (remembering the George Bell ‘drop to knees’ catch) and had been a fan every since.

dexfarkin: He was born into a good family. His father made him a Jays fan right from birth.

Thom Nelligan: Is an Jays fan from Australia. He tells us about his favorite ABL team, the Perth Head.

c-square: Cheap tickets and getting to sing the nation anthem, with his school’s choir, made him a fan.

Ology: Had an uncle take him to games at Exhibition Stadium as a child. He and his son are planing to see the Jays play in every ballpark. I’m hoping to get to every park too, just taking my time getting there. I hope I live long enough.

They are all great stories....if you haven’t, be sure to read them all.

And be sure to give us your FanPost on this week’s topic.