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FanPost Friday: Opening Day

Tell us about what Opening Day means to you.

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images

It is Friday again and that means FanPost time.

I suggest a topic and you write up a FanPost on that topic (or around that topic).

Today’s Topic: Opening Day

I love Opening Day. I love when the new baseball season is starting. There are new players to watch and the return of old favorites. All teams have a hope. And you know there will be surprises to come.

Today’s assignment: Tell us what Opening Day means to you? Do you want to wax poetic? Write your ode to it? Are you going to the Home Opener? Have you been to Home Openers before? Do you have any Opening Day traditions?

You can write what you like or dislike about opening day. Or make suggestions to improve it.

Our Home Opener isn’t until the 11th, so we’ll have 6 games played before the Jays are in Toronto.

Go here, and give us your thoughts.

Last week the assignment was to pick your Top Ten Blue Jays moments. It wasn’t hugely popular, we only had three step up to the plate.

  • erik.t: He starts with ‘The Bat Flip’ and ends with three times where one of our pitchers lost a no-hitter in the 9th inning. I loved the Brandon Morrow game.
  • Siefert: He starts with Joe Carter’s home run. He finishes with Junior Felix inside the park grand slam. I like that he had the moment that the Jays traded for Rickey Henderson in his list.
  • jmsmorris: Starts with Joe Carter and ends with Dave Stieb’s no-hitter. I like that he has the Alomar home run off Eckersley.

Get to work on this week’s assignment.