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What is Wrong with the Blue Jays

A franchise worst 1-8 start to the season has the Jays searching for answers

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

No one could have predicted this. A team who is coming off of back to back ALCS appearances, who had sky high expectations is now 1-8 to start the season, and the only team in the MLB without two wins. The Jays start to the season is the worst in franchise history and although it is still very early the Jays will need to stir together some wins soon, or it may be a long season.

The start to the season is a huge shock, they started off by getting swept to Baltimore in 2 games followed by losing 3 of 4 to Tampa Bay, another sweep by Milwaukee and the most recent loss to Baltimore.

It isn’t pitching that is the problem, the Jays have had a quality start in 6 of their 9 games to start the season and at least 4 innings in 8 of 9. The problem for the Jays is hitting, plain in simple, they haven’t hit or hit homeruns.

The Jays were supposed to have another high flying powered offence with the additions of Morales and Pearce, a healthy Travis and Bautista. Add in Donaldson, Tulowitzki and Martin, the Jays looked like they were gonna out slug their opponent for runs.

It hasn’t been that way to start the season as leader Jose Bautista is currently batting .152 with only 2 extra base hit and 0 home runs as he still searches for the long ball. Then its Russell Martin who to start the season is hitting .042 with 1 hit in 21 at bats. Travis who started off super hot last year is off to a 3-31 start batting .097 with no extra base hits. As a team the Jays are averaging less then 3 runs per game and only have hit 4 home runs which simply won’t cut it. The Jays have over half their hitters hitting under .200 to start the season and only 2 players batting above .250.

The hope is that the Jays can turn this ship around very quickly, or they could fall out of the playoff race early and this team could look drastically different in August. But to stress it again it is still early only 9 games in to a 162 season, it isn’t time to worry just yet.

The question now for the Jays is what is the answer, a lineup shuffle, a trade, a call-up or ride it how it is and hope they start hitting. Whatever Gibbons and company do they need to do it fast because Jays fans are becoming extremely frustrated with this horrible start. And the Jays and everyone knows they are better than this.