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Friday’s lineup: Pillar leads off

Many changes with Donaldson on the DL.

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Our lineup gets a big shake up with Donaldson hitting the DL.

No word on who is being dropped from the 40-man for Coghlan yet.

I’m guess Ty Kelly, but it is just a guess.

Anyway....we get Kevin Pillar at the top of the order, followed by Pearce. Morales is back at DH. Travis is batting ninth and likely will until he shows he can hit again.

With or without Donaldson, it really is time we started hitting.

There are some other bits of news:

  • Salty will catch tomorrow, day game after a night game.
  • Gibby says Morales did great at first base, but he’s concerned that he can hold up physically to playing the position daily.
  • They want Travis to be more aggressive at the plate. “He’s taking too many fastballs.”