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More on last night’s game

Or was it this morning’s game? Either way it was a win.

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
I’m amazed they had energy left for this.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

While waiting for roster news, let’s share more random thoughts on last night’s game.

I was so happy to see Jose Bautista hit that home run, not just because i thought he won us the game, but for Jose. I’m sure there is no player who has given me as many great moments as Jose. He came to the club just a couple of months after I joined BBB. I’ve written more about Jose than any other player.

No matter what he does, from here on out, I’m always going to be a fan. Hearing people at Rogers Centre boo him, well, I can’t call them fans. I can’t separate being a Blue Jay fan from being a Jose Bautista fan.

I know my time of getting to watch him play is going to come to an end, so I’m going to enjoy every good moment.

I don’t think the bullpen got the credit it deserved.

We got 8 innings of pitching, with only the 1 earned run (and 2 unearned). Ryan Terera and Danny Barnes (I’m expecting at least one of them will be sent down today) gave us 5 innings, allowing just 2 base runners. Dominic Leone was good too, minus the one fly ball.

And Joe Biagini was terrific, coming in with the bases loaded, looking like he was pitching on fumes, and still managing to pick up the save (though I’ll admit I thought C.J. Cron’s line drive was going to cost us that game,thank goodness it was hit at the one guy that still remembered how to make a catch).

And Loup, well he wasn’t good, but he was unlucky. Smoak’s error was terrible. And then when Coglhan booted that ball (yeah he was rushing to get the double play, but that’s a play you have to make).

With everything that’s been going wrong, our bullpen has looked pretty good.

Buck and Pat drive me crazy. They spent every Darwin Barney at bat telling us what a great hitter he was and how it was even better with 2 strikes, ignoring that he was in the middle of an 0 for 5, leaving 8 guys on base. We’ve seen enough of Barney to know he’s not a great hitter.

Career, in 2425 PA, he has a .244/.293/.340 batting line. Just because he has good small sample size numbers, early this season, doesn’t mean he’s suddenly become a good hitter.

Not part of last night’s game, but Shi Davidi tells us that J.A. Happ’s throwing session, on Thursday, did not go well and he will miss, at least, one more start. By the sounds of things, it will be more than one more start. Shi says the team is still hopeful that Aaron Sanchez will be able to make his next start, but he figures Latos will making another start on Wednesday.

Because Rivervillian asked....

Source: FanGraphs