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FanPost Friday

Tell us about the Blue Jay that you most ‘irrationally love’.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

It is Friday again and that means FanPost time. I’ve missed a couple, maybe it has something to do with watching bad baseball and drinking afterwards.

I suggest a topic and you write up a FanPost on that topic or perhaps just use the topic as a jumping off point for whatever you want to write.

Today’s Topic: Tell us about the Blue Jay that you most ‘irrationally love’.

There are always those guys that, maybe aren’t great players, but we love them anyway. Tell us about your favorite unsung Jay, past or present.

John McDonald would be high on my list. He was a little better than replacement level (but not a lot). He hit .243/.278/.340, but he was great to have on the team. He had that sort of personality to made us all love him.

Another, would be Marco Scutaro. Marco was just fun, When he’d hit a (rare) home run, you’d see him in the dugout giving hit bat a kiss. He had fun on the field. I like to think that if I was a baseball player, making money playing a kids game, I’d have fun.

Anyway....tell us about your favorites.

Last week the topic was ‘give us your best story about being at a game’. We had four entries.

  • grmagne tells a story of being at a Expos/Yankees game, in New York, and David Cone threw a perfect game. That would be very cool to see, even if it was against the Expos. I watched, on TV, Dennis Martinez’ perfect game for the Expos. That was one of the most memorable games in my lifetime.
  • bellw couldn’t narrow it down to one, so he writes about five games. One of them a Jays game in Seattle. Jays games in Seattle are great fun. And beyond that, Seattle is a great city to visit.
  • Takiar tells us about the two games he watched in person. Going to games with friends and family i always best.
  • MaTriS story is about a game from last season, an extra inning win. A win. I wonder what a win is like. It was a great game, Jays falling behind in the top of the 12th, and then coming back to win the bottom of the inning.

Go here, and get to work on your post.