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Buffalo Bisons Opening Roster

Buffalo Bisons' New Uniforms And Caps Gallery

I’ve been waiting for the Jays to send out the opening rosters for the four full-season minor league teams, but while I was waiting, Buffalo released their roster.

Their starting rotation will be Casey Lawrence, Jarrett Grube, Brett Oberholtzer, T.J. House and Mat Latos. I’m not sure which one is the likely 6th starter. I think which ever one pitches best will be first in line for a spot start.

The big prospect, on their roster, is Rowdy Tellez. I’m pretty sure we’ll see Tellez in Toronto, at some point, this season.

I’d imagine we’ll see Chris Coghlan in Toronto before long too.

As well, many of the pitchers will be up and down at various times. The one I’ll be watching is Chris Smith. A 98 mph fastball gets you noticed.

Beyond that, the Buffalo roster is mainly made up of guys that could come up to Toronto to fill in for a few days