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Chris Coghlan’s leap immortalized on t-shirt

Will it be remembered as a great moment in Blue Jays history?

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Chris Coghlan’s iconic leap over Yadier Molina

The catch by George Bell, the Joe Carter walkoff shot, Jose Bautista’s bat flip, Chris Coghlan’s leap over Yadier Molina—all iconic moments of Blue Jays history that we will remember forever. So why not commemorate that acrobatic moment with an MLBPA-licensed t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT?

From BreakingT

Coghlan made the last-minute decision that leaping over Molina was the best way to avoid the tag, so he took to the air and sailed over the Cardinals catcher as he tumbled on to home plate safely.

I never thought I would get a chance to make a Chris Coghlan t-shirt, but his decision to take a leap of faith to try to score led us here.

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