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Aaron Sanchez leaves game after the first inning

Split nail is the culprit

Screenshot from Sportsnet

Not what we wanted to see, Aaron Sanchez came out of today’s game after the first inning. He gave up a leadoff walk, and then got a strikeout and a double play to get out of the inning.

He didn’t look happy as he left the mound and he went straight to the clubhouse. I imagine it is continuation of the blister problem that had him on the DL before today. I hope he won’t be going back on the DL, but I can’t see anyway he won’t.

Ryan Tepera came in to start the second inning. He’s going to have to give us a few good innings if we are going to win this one. And,if he does....he’s likely to be going down to Buffalo after, as we are going to be need fresh arms tomorrow.

Update: It appears that today’s problem is a split nail, not a blister. I’m not sure if that’s better news or not.