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FanPost Friday: Best and Worst Case Scenarios

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It is Friday again and that means FanPost time.

I suggest a topic and you write up a FanPost on that topic or perhaps just use the topic as a jumping off point for whatever you want to write.

Today’s topic: Give us your best/worst case scenarios for out 2017 Blue Jays.

Tell us how you see the season if all goes right and/or how you see it if the worst of the worst happens. pens.


Worst case:

Darth Vader uses Earth to show off the power of the new Death Star.


Josh Donaldson hits a line drive down the curiously built exhaust vent (that’s what they get for building a Texas Barbeque place on the Death Star) and it blows up.

Maybe you could come up with something a little more realistic.

Last week’s topic of Opening Day stories wasn’t a winner. We didn’t get any takers. I hope this week’s topic prompts some posts.