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One ugly game: Jays lose to Rays

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Rays 7

That was less than fun.

We couldn’t hit. Marco Estrada gave up 3 home runs. Tulo got into a shouting match with Steven Souza and he made an error. And Josh Donaldson got hurt. Add in a Tulo brain malfunction on a rundown and you have your basic Farrell of a baseball game.

We had 3 hits. Donaldson had a home run and Kendrys Morales doubled, in the first inning and then a 2-out bloop double by Jose Bautista in the 9th.

After that, well....Morales was hit by pitch to lead off the 4th, but Tulo hit into a double play to erase him. And that was our last base runner, until Jose Bautisa blooped a 2-out double in the 9th.

We did have a lead for several minutes scoring 2 in the first and holding the lead until the Rays scored 4 in the 3rd.

Marco Estrada wasn’t great, but then none of the 3 homer runs against him were crushed. Corey Dickerson used the little bit of short wall along the left field line to sneak his over. Souza and Jesus Sucre each just cleared the wall in left center.

Marco went 5, allowed 7 hits, 5 earned with 2 walks and 5 strikeouts. His ERA jumps to 5.73.

Ryan Tepera pitched a quick 6th. Aaron Loup gave up a walk, getting the first 2 outs of the 7. Casey Lawrence struck out Evan Longoria to end the inning. He gave up 2 runs in the 8th.

Tulo had a rough game, booting an easy double play ball, had the dust up with Souza after Souza had a late slide into to second. And then, in the 8th, he Mallex Smith in a rundown and, for unknown reasons didn’t throw the ball to Travis to finish the rundown, letting Smith get back to second. It looking like he just didn’t have his head in the game.

A guess is that he thought there were two Rays at second base, but, since Smoak had come up to get in line for the rundown, the other runner just went back to first.

About the only good moment:

Yeah I don’t know why it says Out of the Park at the bottom of that, but I’m not going to go to the work of taking it out.

Jay of the Day? It should be no one but Morales has a .098 WPA.

Suckage: Estrada (-.361) and Tulo (-.098, plus the error and the brain dead moment on the rundown.

The good news? We are leaving Tampa and that awful park. And tomorrow is an off-day before the home opener.

We had 510 comments in the GameThread. And I led the way. As a prize, I’d like those 3 hours of my life back.

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