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Who’s Up, Who’s Down: Jays Pitchers

Looking at our pitchers over the past two weeks

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Over the past two weeks, the Blue Jays are 6-7 and the pitchers have a 4.64 ERA. Batters are hitting .252/.345/.436 against them.


Roberto Osuna: 2.57 ERA in 7 appearances. Batters hit .154/.185/.308 with 1 home run, 1 walk and 11 strikeouts in 7 innings. He had 4 saves and 1 blown save. In his last 6 appearances he’s allowed just 2 hits and 1 walk with 9 strikeouts. It looks like he’s back.

Joe Biagini: 4.15 ERA in 4 games, 1 start. Batters hit .235/.257/.265 with no walks and 11 strikeouts in 8.2 innings. How you get a 4.15 ERA when you hold opponents to a .522 OPS? He had the one bad game, a blown save/loss on 4 hits. It is going to be interesting watching him transition to starter, unless the team changes it’s mind and gives the open starter spot to Mike Bolsinger.

Ryan Tepera: 3.24 ERA in 5 games. Batters hit .143/.294/.214 with 6 walks and 11 strikeouts in 8.1 innings. Too many walks, but holding hitters to a .214 slugging average? He had a win and a loss in those 5 games. There was one bad outing, giving up a hit and 2 walks while getting just 1 out against the Cardinals. He’s been terrific.

Joe Smith: 2.84 ERA in 7 games. Batters hit .217/.333/.261 with 4 walks and 10 strikeouts over 6.1 innings. He had 4 holds. Gibby is using him as a 1-inning guy. I’d thing he could go 2, but I’m further away from things than Gibby.

Danny Barnes: 2.84 ERA in 4 games. Batters hit .130/.200/.174 with 2 walks and 5 strikeouts in 6.1 innings. He’ll be bouncing up and down between Toronto and Buffalo (baseball isn’t fair for relievers with options), but he’s been doing a great job when he’s been up. He’s pitched in 3 wins in a row, so it looks like Gibby is taking notice of how good he’s been.

Mike Bolsinger: 3.18 ERA in his one start. Batters hit .150/.292/.250 with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts in 5.2 innings. Too many walks, but a decent start.


Francisco Liriano: 4.15 ERA in 2 starts. Batters hit .257/.422/.457 with 2 home runs, 9 walks and 11 strikeouts. He had one ok start (5 innings, 4 hits, 1 earned, 4 walks, 6 strikeouts) and one bad start (3.2 innings, 5 hits, 3 earned, 5 walks and 5 strikeouts). He had 9 walks in 8.2 innings. Not really a recipe for success.

Mat Latos: 6.30 ERA in 2 starts. Batters hit .325/.400/.750. Had a decent start, 6 shutout innings, 3 hits, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts. And one terrible start, 4 innings, 10 hits, 7 earned, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, 4 home runs. That second one got him DFAed. He’s back in Buffalo.

Dominic Leone: 9.64 ERA in 6 appearances. Batters hit .417/.481/.792 with 2 home runs, 3 walks and 7 strikeouts. He looked so good at the start of the season, but the last while he hasn’t been good. Gibby seems to have taken notice, he’s appearing in games that have already been decided.

Casey Lawrence: 10.80 ERA in the 1 starts. Batters hit .435/.481/.652 in 5 innings with 1 homer, 3 walks and 1 strikeout. He was DFAed, but I’d imagine he’ll clear waivers, though, since he has options, maybe someone will think he’s worth a shot.

Jason Grilli: 27.00 ERA in 4 appearances. Batters hit .333/.538/1.111 with 2 homers, 4 walks and 4 strikeouts in 1.2 innings. He has a loss in that time. He didn’t give up a hit in his last 2 appearances, so that’s something I guess.

J.P. Howell: 3.38 ERA in 5 appearances. Batters hit .200/.333/.600 with a home run, 2 walks and a strikeout in 2.2 innings. He has a win in those 5 appearances.

Neither Up or Down

Marcus Stroman: 3.86 ERA in 3 starts. Batters hit .290/.360/.452 with 3 home runs 7 walks and 13 strikeouts over 16.1 innings. 3 starts, 1 good one, 1 pretty lucky one, 1 bad. The bad was when he had ‘tightness’. His last start....he was hit pretty hard, but got double play balls, when he needed them and had a fair bit of good defense played behind him. He managed 6 scoreless innings. His good start, he wend 7.1 innings, allowed 2 earned, and had 10 strikeouts. In his other 2 starts, he had just 3 strikeouts total.

Marco Estrada: 4.15 ERA in 2 starts. Batters hit .255/.283/.412 with 2 home runs 2 walks and 12 strikeouts. He had one good start (7 innings, 1 earned, 7 hits, no walks) and one bad (6 innings, 5 earned, 6 hits, 2 walks, 2 homers).

Aaron Loup: 3.00 ERA in 6 appearances. Batters hit .200/.368/.300 with 1 home run, 6 walks and 5 strikeouts in 9 innings. After years of a 1 inning at most pitcher, he pitched 2 inning in 3 of his last 6 appearances. He had been getting pretty, until giving up 3 earned yesterday.

On the DL

J.A. Happ: He’s been throwing “off flat ground”. I’m not expecting him back before the end of the month, at best.

Aaron Sanchez: Pitched 1 inning, before leaving the game with a split finger nail. He should be back this coming weekend.