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Jays place Steve Pearce on 10-Day DL

Leonel Campos gets the call up

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Sanchez comes off the DL, Steve Pearce goes on the DL.

It’s a right calf strain for Pearce. And trading off with Sanchez makes the percentage of the payroll on the DL that much higher.

Pearce was hitting .205/.256/.373, having, finally, gotten his BA over .200 again yesterday.

Leonel Campos was heading back to Buffalo yesterday, to make room for Sanchez. He’s pitched in 3 games, for the Blue Jays, 2.2 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 strikeouts.

That leaves the Jays with a 2 man bench and a 9-man bullpen. I don’t understand the point of a 9-man bullpen, but I’m not running things. I’d rather bring up Dwight Smith or, if I had to, Darrell Ceciliani, if I was at the controls.

For me, I think I’d want to be able to pinch run for Kendrys Morales, or pinch hit for Luke Maile. I don’t understand putting the team in a spot were you can’t do either of those moves. Especially when the other choice is to have a pitcher who you will only use in a blow out.

Troy Tulowitzki should be back with the team by the end of the week, all going to play.

Part of the reason that there are so many players on the DL is the change from 15-day to 10-day DL. Teams are far more willing to put a player on the DL when it is only 10 days they have to sit out.

Hope you recover quickly Pearce. I really don’t want to see Goins, Barney or Coghlan in the outfield.