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Weekday Day Game GameThread: Jays @ Brewers

More of this please.
More of this please.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We are treated to a weekday day game. It caught me by surprise. It seems funny, the Jays have tomorrow off, so there is no rush to get to the airport and the Brewers are still at home tomorrow. Is it some sort of holiday in Milwaukee?

The game of musical third basemen ends with Martin at third. Day game after night game, so he gets a day off from behind the plate. Coghlan is in left again....I'd much rather see Dwight Smith there, but I'm not sure if Smith could get to Milwaurkee quick enough. Maile behind the plate, the Brewers stole 4 bases last night (well Villar stole 3 and Thames got one as the back end of a double play). Maile seems to have an impressive arm.

Best news? Our slugger, Stroman gets to bat. Best the Brewers can hope is to keep him in the ball park.He's going to want to go to an NL team if he gets a hit or two today.

Stroman has been pretty good, over his last five starts, minus the game against the Yankees. He's given up a fair number of hits but not too many runs.

Matt Garza has been pretty good too:

Today's Lineups

Kevin Pillar - CF Jonathan Villar - 2B
Devon Travis - 2B Eric Thames - 1B
Jose Bautista - RF Hernan Perez - LF
Justin Smoak - 1B Travis Shaw - 3B
Russell Martin - 3B Domingo Santana - RF
Chris Coghlan - LF Jett Bandy - C
Ryan Goins - SS Eric Sogard - SS
Luke Maile - C Keon Broxton - CF
Marcus Stroman - RHP Matt Garza - RHP


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