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Blue Notes: Happ to start tomorrow

Plus: Happy Birthday Biagini and today’s lineup

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays have announced that J.A. Happ will be starting tomorrow against the Reds. No word on who will be going down to make room for him. Happ threw 3 innings for Dunedin, last Thursday, throwing 56 pitches. I’d imagine they will stop him short of 90 pitches tomorrow.

Before his injury, he made 3 starts, 16 innings. He allowed 18 hits, 8 earned, 4 home runs, 0 walks with 20 strikeouts. That’s a pretty good strikeout to walk ratio.

We are getting closer to a getting a full starting rotation back. Francisco Liriano threw 72 pitches for Buffalo yesterday. I’d imagine he’ll be called up soon too. I’m not sure if they will want him to make another start before calling him up or not.

Mike Bolsinger is listed to start Wednesday, but that could be his last start for us, until the next time he’s needed. I imagine the team will go with Stroman, Estrada, Happ, Liriano and Biagini until Sanchez is ready to go again.

Speaking of Biagini, it is his birthday today. He turns 27 today. It has been awhile since we’ve have a Rule 5 draft pick turn out as well as Joe. I wonder, had he not been taken in the draft, if he would be in the majors now.

Grabbing him has worked out well for us and for Joe.

It will be interesting to see if/when we get all give of our starters back from the DL, if they keep him in the rotation and move Francisco to the pen. I would think Gibby wouldn’t mind having a lefty he can trust (as much as Loup has pitched better of late) in the bullpen. Or maybe he’d prefer having Joe out there, knowing Joe could give him a few innings in an appearance, when needed.

More good news. Rowdy Tellez, after a .194/.298/.333 April, is hitting .278/.352/.430 May. He has just the 1 home run this month, but his numbers look much better this month. With that April/May split, he is a true Blue Jay.

Today’s lineup. Coghlan in over Carerra again: