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Saturday Bantering: Random Jays Thoughts

Toronto Blue Jays v St Louis Cardinals - Game Two
Danny Barnes
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

I’ve had the busiest of weeks, thankfully the busyness of it ends after today. Thanks to.91 MLB.TV I’ve been able to watch most of all the each Jays game.

Just some random thoughts:

  • Danny Barnes threw 2.1 perfect innings, when we really needed them, yesterday. I 9 MLB innings, he’s allowed just 3 hits with 2 walks. And, because of the options game, he’s the one that bounces back and forth to Buffalo. If Joe Biagini ends up staying in the rotation, for an extended period, I’m hoping Danny fills his role of ‘guy that can give you a couple of good innings’ and gets to stay with the team.
  • Aaron Loup gets so much grief from fans but he was terrific last night. He came in with no outs and runners on first and second (thanks to another Coghlan error) (I always feel bad for a pitcher, who, like Leone last night, gets pulled after an error. Dominic got the double play ball he wanted, it wasn’t his fault Coghlan booted it) and gets Corey Dickerson to hit an extremely soft ground ball, unfortunately just too soft, Ryan Goins almost got him at first. Bases loaded, and three right-handed bats come up and holds the Rays to 1 run, off another softly hit ground ball. Small sample size fun, Loup has a .914 OPS vs lefties and a .452 OPS vs righties.
  • Speaking of relief pitchers, Joe Smith has 20 strikeouts in 14 innings pitched, including 3 strikeouts in yesterday’s inning. He’s been terrific against right-handed hitters (.527 OPS plus). He hasn’t been great against LHB (.250/.429/.313), but that’s a pretty small sample. Gibby’s been using him as a 1 inning guy, but I think he could go two on occasion.
  • It was nice to see Roberto Osuna pitch a nice neat inning again yesterday. I’m hoping that, whatever was causing his early season troubles, is a thing of the past.
  • It was worth signing Kendrys Morales just for how great he is against Chris Archer.
  • Kevin Kiermaier seems to think the Jays hit him on purpose. I feel sorry for guys that get hit, and I’m sure it feels very personal when you do get hit, but there was nothing intentional about that one. If he convinces a Rays’ pitcher to retaliate, there should be suspensions and MLB should look into making it clear that throwing at hitters isn’t something that shouldn’t be happening. There has been way too much of it this year. Someone gets his feelings hurt, and a pitcher thinks he has to ‘stand up’ for the hurt feelings of his teammate.
  • If you missed it, Dan Robson, at, has an interview with Cito talking about the racism he’s seen in his lifetime. I’ve always thought that Cito should write a book. He came up through the Braves minor league system, playing in the deep south, he was a teammate of Hank Aaron seeing what Hank had to go through and he was one of the first African-American managers in baseball. He must have some interesting stories. Add in that he lead the Jays to two World Series wins, and I think you have a book there.
  • I am so looking forward to Joe Biagini’s first career starts. I’m also hoping that Estrada can go deep today, to rest up our bullpen for tomorrow.
  • Today’s lineup. Martin gets a rest. Barney plays third.