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2017 MLB Draft Preview: 2nd round high school pitchers

For previous entries of BBB's 2017 draft preview, see the 2017 Draft Storystream

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Finishing up on the high school pitching side, some arms that could be in play later in the second round or potentially beyond, especially given the historical unpredictability with late changes in stuff, performance, and cutting deals.

2017 HS pitchers 2nd round


Caden Lemons (video)

Velocity has spiked from hitting the low-90s last summer to pitching into the mid-90s this spring, putting him in play for the top 3 rounds whereas before it was more likely he went to school to bring his abilities more in line with the huge upside. Secondaries need considerable development.

Bryce Bonnin (video)

Bonnin's biggest current selling point is one of the best breaking balls among high school pitches, a slider that projects as a plus pitch to miss bats. That, along with a fastball that sits low-90s and touches higher, is a strong starting package. His smaller size and longer arm path with a bit of a crossfire delivery result in potential reliever projections.

Jake Eder (video)

Eder is committed to Vanderbilt, typically tough signs to being with, but on top of that is all about projecting since he's been very inconsistent. The building blocks for an elite pitcher are there, with low-90s present velocity from the left side and feel for a breaking ball. One could imagine him at the top of draft boards in three years, so some teams could be inclined to gamble on a calibre player now that they otherwise won't have a shot at in the future.

Chris McMahon

Solid low-90s present velocity and feel for a changeup and curveball result in the ability to project a future starter, though as with a lot of the names here, it's betting on future without a much in the way of present floor.

Seth Corry (video)

The selling points on Corry are strong athleticism, one of the best breaking balls in the class, a high spin rate curveball, and a fastball in the low-90s from the left side. He's battled command issues, so there's plenty of development needed, but the building blocks are there to get a solid starting pitcher.

Jeremiah Estrada (video)

Estrada was electric last summer, but didn't follow it up this spring which has created a chasm in his draft stock. A year ago had good fastball velocity on the low-90s, one of the top change-ups and a power breaking ball. That's a sandwich round or early second round profile. This spring the fastball velocity and breaking ball sharpness have backed up, so he could end up at UCLA instead and have three years to show which is the real Estrada. A favourite of Eric Longenhagen.

Shane Drohan

With baseball bloodlines and multi-sport athleticism, Drohan is considered to have the ability to start, despite requiring considerable projection. He's shown a quality curveball and feel for a change-up, but it's still very much a bet on what he'll be in a couple years rather than what he is now.

Tommy Mace (video)

A pure projection play with a massive body, his fastball has jumped in the low-90s this spring but lacking in current secondaries though some sources report him at least feeling good feel for them.


Finally, as usual a handful of names that probably fit fit slightly beyond the second round, but especially with the volatility of high school pitching it wouldn't be surprising to see them go higher:

  • Kyle Hurt, RHP, California: Strong 2016 summer but stuff wasn't as good this spring after a knee injury which has diminished his draft stock a little. Considered to have one of the better changeups.
  • Landon Leach, RHP, Ontario: One of the younger players, potential for three quality pitches. Will elaborate on him soon.
  • Seth Lonsway, RHP, Ohio: Improves velocity this summer with more room to fill out, delivery is well thought of, secondaries need development
  • Brendan Murphy, LHP, Illinois: From the same HS as Ryan Borucki, there's some similarities as draft prospects with a classic pitcher build, velocity topping out in the low-90s and feel for a changeup
  • Joe Perez, RHP, Florida: Just diagnosed with a partial UCL tear and will have Tommy John surgery, which may push him to school (Miami). One of the bigger fastballs, into the upper 90s, flashing a good breaking ball. Concerns about delivery resulted in perception of future reliever.
  • Asa Lacy, LHP, Texas: Projection play, advanced secondaries for a HS pitcher including a quality changeup.